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[2016-New] GreatExam 2016 New SAP C_EPMBPC_10 Braindump Free Download (141-150) - Updated Study Materials From Lead2pass Free Downloading

[2016-New] GreatExam 2016 New SAP C_EPMBPC_10 Braindump Free Download (141-150)

2016 June SAP Official New Released C_EPMBPC_10 Q&As in GreatExam.com!

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Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center: (The full version is in the end of the article!!!)

You execute the following Script Logic Logic1.lgf by running a data manager package, without transferring any further parameters and without using default logic.
What is the scope of the calculation?

A.    Only input schedule
C.    Only current view
D.    All data within the database

Answer: D

What is entered in the destination group account when replacing the US elimination business rule with the automatic adjustment business rule?

A.    Intercompany accounts receivable account
B.    Same value as in the destination minority account
C.    Value of the ELIMACC property of account dimension
D.    Intercompany accounts payable account

Answer: C

What value is assigned to the ACCOUNT3 with the following Script Logic?

A.    Sum of ACCOUNT1 and ACCOUNT2
B.    Difference of ACCOUNT1 and ACCOUNT2
C.    Quotient of ACCOUNT1 and ACCOUNT2
D.    Product of ACCOUNT1 and ACCOUNT2

Answer: A

To what destination members is the script logic in the attached figure writing the records?

A.    SquareFootage account for all base level entities
B.    LeaseCost account for all base level entities
C.    SquareFootage account for all entities
D.    GlobalOps account for all entities

Answer: B

The attached figure shows a script logic written in BPC for NetWeaver.
The dimensions, except for time and account, are all restricted to a single base level member.
The account type dimension has 40 dimension members.
How many records are written on execution of this script logic?

A.    12
B.    480
C.    40
D.    1

Answer: A

For which calculation do you have to use a different implementation method than Business Rules?

A.    Automatic adjustment
B.    Account transformation
C.    Allocation
D.    Currency conversion

Answer: C

What is entered in the destination group account when setting the AR/AP intercompany elimination business rule with the automatic adjustment business rules?

A.    Same value as in the destination minority account
B.    Intercompany accounts receivable account
C.    Intercompany accounts payable account
D.    PLUG account

Answer: D

What dimensions are used to configure the carry forward business rule?
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A.    Time dimension
B.    Flow dimension
C.    Entity dimension
D.    DataSource dimension
E.    Account dimension

Answer: BDE

What is missing in the script logic on the screenshot in BPC for NetWeaver?

A.    Logic for entity type dimension
B.    Keyword %CURRENCY_SET%
C.    Logic for account type dimension
D.    Logic for currency type dimension

Answer: D

What is best business practice to execute multiple iterations of a budgeting process in BPC?

A.    Create a separate dimension.
B.    Create a separate property.
C.    Create a separate dimension member.
D.    Create a separate application.

Answer: C

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