This page was exported from Updated Study Materials From Lead2pass Free Downloading [ ] Export date:Tue Apr 7 7:24:07 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [Full Version] Quickly Pass MB2-714 Test With Lead2pass New MB2-714 Brain Dumps (41-50) --------------------------------------------------- 2017 March Microsoft Official New Released MB2-714 Dumps in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! MB2-714 easy pass guide: Preparing for Microsoft MB2-714 exam is really a tough task to accomplish. However, Lead2pass delivers the most comprehensive braindumps, covering each and every aspect of MB2-714 exam curriculum. Following questions and answers are all new published by Microsoft Official Exam Center: QUESTION 41You are working on a case that pertains to a common issue encountered by customers. You discover a new solution to resolve the issue. You need to ensure that all users can find the new solution.What should you do? A.    Create a knowledge article.B.    Create a solution file.C.    Assign the case to a team that includes all of the usersD.    Share the case with all of the users.Answer: A QUESTION 42You have an on-premises deployment of Dynamics CRM.You plan to gather customer feedback by using several surveys. You need to identify the prerequisite for the planned surveys. What should you identify? A.    Microsoft Exchange OnlineB.    a Microsoft Office 365 subscriptionC.    Microsoft OneDrive for BusinessD.    a Microsoft Azure subscription Answer: A QUESTION 43Your company has a Dynamics CRM organization that uses a FieldOne solution. A customer calls your company's Help Desk to report a failed device.You schedule a technician to resolve the issue.You need to identify which notification methods can be used to notify the technician. What are two possible notification methods? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    an automated phone callB.    an email messageC.    Windows 10 toastD.    a text messageE.    a web browser pop-up Answer: AB QUESTION 44You need to create a new case in Dynamics CRM.Which two fields are required to create the new case manually? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    SubjectB.    ProductC.    Case TitleD.    OriginE.    Customer Answer: BE QUESTION 45Your team uses the Dynamics CRM knowledge base.You do not use the interactive service hub. You need to search for an article in the knowledge base. From which two types of records can you search for the article? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    Phone callB.    EmailC.    CaseD.    Queue Item Answer: B QUESTION 46You use the interactive service hub for knowledge articles. You need to identify which information can be gathered from the Analytics tab of a knowledge article.What should you identify? A.    the cases that use the article and the number of views per caseB.    the customer service representatives who viewed the article and the number of views per caseC.    a helpfulness rating for the article and the cases that use the articleD.    a helpfulness rating for the article and the customer service representatives who viewed the article. Answer: C QUESTION 47You work for a hosting company.One of the data centers experiences an outage.Several contacts from two different customers report the outage. You create a parent case for each customer and a child case for each child cases.You need to consolidate all of the cases.What should you do? A.    Merge all of the parent cases into one case, and then delete the child cases.B.    For each customer, merge all of the child cases for each parent case, and them merge all of the parent cases.C.    Export the cases, update the cases, and then reimport the cases.D.    1 Merge all of the child cases into one case, and then delete the parent cases. Answer: D QUESTION 48You need to locate recently created records that reference Feature A .What should you do? A.    Use Advanced Find and specify* FeatureA *B.    Use Global Search and specify "FeatureA *.C.    Use Global Search and specify FeatureA.D.    Use Advanced Find and specify FeatureA. Answer: D QUESTION 49Your company uses Dynamics CRM for case management.You need to use the heatmap in Microsoft Power Bl to display customer calls by region.What should you do first? A.    From the Interactive Service Hub dashboard, add a widgetB.    CRM dashboard, export data as a dynamic worksheet.C.    From a CRM dashboard, add a widget.D.    From Power Bl, add a service connection . Answer: C QUESTION 50You complete work on a case. The case has several activities, some of which are open and some of which are complete. You need to identify what will occur when you attempt to resolve the case.What should you identify? A.    You will be able to resolve the case. All open activities will remain open.B.    You will be able to resolve the case. All open activities will be completed.C.    You will be prevented from resolving the case.D.    You will be able to resolve the case. All open activities will be canceled. Answer: A Lead2pass provides guarantee of Microsoft MB2-714 exam because Lead2pass is an authenticated IT certifications site. The MB2-714 dump is updated with regular basis and the answers are rechecked of every exam. Good luck in your exam. 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