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A.    The Service Provider omitted the command l2protocol-tunnel stp.B.    The Service Provider omitted the command l2protocol-tunnel vtp.C.    The Service Provider omitted the command vlan dot1q tag native.D.    The Service Provider omitted the command spanning-tree bpdufilter enable.Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 182Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC) corresponds to which four of these? (Choose four). A.    Layer 2 circuits (ATM, FR, PPP, HDLC, EthernetB.    Groups of addresses/sites-VPNC.    IPSEC Encryption AlgorithmD.    A bridge/switch instance-VSIE.    Tunnel interface-traffic engineering Answer: ABDE QUESTION 183A telecom company offers ISPs the ability to resell dynamic IP broadband services over its local loops, but it does not allow the resellers to install broadband network gateways. If an ISP wants to become a reseller but is unable to use NHRP, which tunneling protocol should be implemented? A.    IP in IPB.    IPsecC.    L2TPD.    GRE Answer: CExplanation:However, while OpenVPN can not be used with VoIP, L2TP can be used for VoIP. Only use this if OpenVPN is not available and you are in need of very high security/encryption. QUESTION 184Which four of these are MPLS label header fields? (Choose four.) A.    LabelB.    VPI VCIC.    EXPD.    TTLE.    FCSF.    S flag Answer: ACDF QUESTION 185Drag and Drop QuestionsDrag the ISIS packet types to correct type definition.   Answer:   QUESTION 186The OSPF External LSA for prefix x.x.x.x exists in the OSPF database, but the prefix is not installed in the routing table. Which are possible explanations? (Choose three) A.    ASBR originating the LSA is not reachable.B.    Route to the Forwarding Address is an internal OSPF route.C.    Inbound distribute-list is configured under the ospf process and it is denying x.x.x.xD.    Route to the ASBR does not follow the same path as the one to the Forwarding Address.E.    Route to the Forwarding Address is not an internal OSPF route. Answer: ACE QUESTION 187Refer to the exhibit. The configuration in the exhibit redistributes static route into BGP. Which action does the route-map STATIC-TO-BGP do?  A.    Route cannot be sent to the Internet.B.    Route cannot be re-advertised beyond its neighbors.C.    Route cannot be advertised outside of AS 100.D.    Route cannot be exported from BGP to another protocol. Answer: C QUESTION 188Drag and Drop QuestionsDrag and drop the IOS XR NTP access group options on the left to the right from the least restrictive (top) to the most restrictive order (bottom).  Answer:   QUESTION 189Based on the following output in a router A running LDP, which statement is true?  A.    None of the above.B.    The IP address is assigned to the non-directly connected LDP neighbor, C.     The IP address is assigned to one of its own interfaces.D.     The IP address is assigned to its directly connected LDP neighbor, Answer: C QUESTION 190Which three components are included in the Cisco IOS XR infrastructure? (Choose three.) A.    modular line cardsB.    shelf controllersC.    route processorsD.    service processorsE.    distributed service cards Answer: BCD QUESTION 191Which two VPN Inter-AS options require the no bgp default route-target filter command? (Choose two.) A.    MPLS VPN Inter-AS with ASBRs exchanging VPN-IPv4 addressesB.    MPLS VPN Inter-AS with ASBRs exchanging IPv4 routes and MPLS labelsC.    MPLS VPN Inter-AS Option ABD.    MPLS VPN Carrier Supporting Carrier using LDP and IGPE.    MPLS VPN Carrier Supporting Carrier with BGPF.    MPLS VPN eBGP multipath support for CSC Answer: AC QUESTION 192Which Cisco IOS command must be applied to create a multiprotocol VRF? A.    ip vrfB.    ip vrf forwardingC.    vrf definitionD.    vrf downgrade-cliE.    vrf forwarding Answer: C QUESTION 193A network engineer is having trouble overcoming a BGP rule: "an EBGP neighbor address information is carried in the IBGP advertisement. This information does not change to the local ASBR address". Which BGP attribute can be modified to solve this network reachability issue in this type of scenario? A.    AS pathB.    originC.    weightD.    next-hop Answer: D QUESTION 194Two OSPF neighborrouters are stuck in the EXSTART state. After a while, the neighborship goes down. A network engineer is debugging the issue when both routers show the OSPF log message "too many retransmissions." What is the possible root cause? A.    OSPF area mismatchB.    OSPF hello-interval mismatchC.    interface MTU mismatchD.    interface network type mismatch Answer: C QUESTION 195A network engineer is responsible for provisioning LDP and IGP over the IP core network to maintain the MPLS functionality as a day-to-day task. The IP engineer is looking for automation opportunities. Which feature allows the LDP protocol to be automatically enabled on interfaces that run IGP on the routers? A.    MPLS LDP autoconfigurationB.    MPLS LDP discoveryC.    MPLS LDP-IGP synchronizationD.    MPLS LDP session protection Answer: A QUESTION 196What is periodically multicasted (every 10 seconds) by the DIS on a LAN to ensure IS-IS Link State Database accuracy? A.    IIHB.    LSPC.    CSNPD.    ISHE.    PSNP Answer: CExplanation:On broadcast networks, designated routers send complete sequence number PDU (CSNP) packets to maintain database synchronization. The CSNP interval timer is the number of seconds between transmissions of CNSP packets from this interface. QUESTION 197Which three statements about OSPF partial SPF are true? (Choose three) A.    If it is triggered by Type 4, all Type 4 LSAs that announce a certain ASBR and all Type 5 and 7 LSAs are processedB.    If it is triggered by Types 5 and 7, all Type 5 and 7 LSAs that contribute to a certain destination are processed.C.    If it is triggered by Type 2, all Type 2 LSAs that contribute to a certain destination are processed.D.    It is triggered by the change of Type 3, 4, 5, and 7 LSAs.E.    It is triggered by the change of Type 2, 3, 5, and 7 LSAs Answer: ABDExplanation: Executed on a change in a type-3/4/5/7 LSA (as per sections 16.5 and 16.6 of RFC2328)If there is a change in a type-1 or type-2 LSA, it affects the topology of the area and so a full SPF must be run QUESTION 198Refer to the exhibit. How will the redistributed routes on R1 from EIGRP into OSPF be installed in the R4 routing table?   A.    as a default route with an E2 route typeB.    as a default route with an IA route typeC.    as specific routes with an E2 route typeD.    as specific routes with an N2 route typeE.    as a default route with an N2 route type Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 199How do routers in an IS-IS Level-1 domain exit to reach other Level-1 domains? (Choose two.) A.    Level-1 routers use default routes announced by Level-2 routers in Level-1 domainB.    Level-1 routers use default routes installed based on ATT bit (Attach Bit) in announcements from Level-1-2 routerC.    Level-1 routers use specific routes, for other Level-1 domain, announced by Level-1-2 router by route leaking feature of Cisco IOSD.    Level-1 routers use specific routes, for other Level-1 domain, announced by Level-2 router by route-leaking feature of Cisco IOS Answer: BC QUESTION 200Which BGP attribute can be used to influence inbound traffic flow? A.    cluster IDB.    WeightC.    MEDD.    local preferenceE.    aggregate Answer: C About 90% questions are from this 400-201 dump. One thing you need to pay attention is the questions are rephrased in the real 400-201 exam. 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