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Following questions and answers are all new published by Citrix Official Exam Center: QUESTION 211Which product edition allows the ability to provide both XenApp Hosted Shared Desktops and VDI Desktops at the same time? A.    XenDesktop EnterpriseB.    XenDesktop VDIC.    XenApp EnterpriseD.    XenApp PlatinumAnswer: DExplanation: QUESTION 212How can a Citrix Administrator disallow the Delivery Controller from accepting unencrypted XML traffic from StoreFront and NetScaler? A.    Change Port 80 to 443 using the IIS console on the Delivery Controller.B.    Disable Port 80 in the StoreFront and NetScaler properties.C.    Disable listening for HTTP request in the registry of the Delivery Controller.D.    Install SSL certificate on NetScaler and StoreFront Answer: A QUESTION 213Which three licenses are required for deployment of a XenApp shared desktop environment? (Choose three.) A.    RDS Per User Client Access License (CAL)B.    Virtual Desktop Access License (VDA)C.    Windows Desktop OS LicenseD.    Windows Server OS LicenseE.    Citrix XenApp Concurrent License Answer: BCE QUESTION 214Which phase of the Citrix Consulting Methodology requires gathering detailed information to determine use cases and requirements for a project? A.    DefineB.    ManageC.    AssessD.    Deploy Answer: C QUESTION 215Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to set up a XenDesktop environment. The administrator chooses to install the SQL Server version that is included on the XenDesktop installation media. By choosing this option, which edition of SQL Server license is installed for the XenDesktop environment? A.    SQL Server Standard EditionB.    SQL Server Express EditionC.    SQL Server Developer EditionD.    SQL Server Enterprise Edition Answer: B QUESTION 216Scenario:A Citrix Administrator needs to request the required databases to support an upcoming XenApp/XenDesktop deployment. The administrator plans to separate databases by function to align the deployment with Citrix leading practices. Which three databases are required in this scenario to support XenApp/XenDesktop? (Choose three.) A.    Configuration Logging DatabaseB.    StoreFront DatabaseC.    Authentication DatabaseD.    Monitoring DatabaseE.    Site Database Answer: ADE QUESTION 217Which provisioning method uses identity disk? A.    Provisioning ServicesB.    Machine Creation ServicesC.    App-VD.    Remote PC Answer: B QUESTION 218Scenario:A Citrix Administrator updated a master image and wants to update a machine catalog using Citrix Studio. The administrator finds that the option to update one of the Machine Catalogs is NOT available. This option is NOT available because this particular Machine Catalog ________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) A.    contains Desktop OS machinesB.    is a static/persistent desktop without Personal vDiskC.    contains Server OS machinesD.    is a static/persistent desktop with Personal vDisk Answer: D QUESTION 219Which two statements regarding a Machine Catalog are valid? (Choose two.) A.    A Machine Catalog can span hypervisor hosts.B.    A Machine Catalog created with Machine Creation Services (MCS) can have multiple master images.C.    A single Machine Catalog can contain both Server and Desktop OS machines.D.    A Machine Catalog can span XenApp/XenDesktop Sites.E.    A Machine Catalog can be rolled back to a previous master image. Answer: BE QUESTION 220A Citrix Administrator needs to restart random/non-persistent desktops based on Machine Creation Services (MCS). Which consequence does the administrator need to be aware of when performing this restart? A.    The vDisk will be recreated.B.    The Personal vDisk will be deleted.C.    The differencing disks will be deleted.D.    A new copy of the snapshot will be created. Answer: D QUESTION 221Scenario:A Citrix Administrator creates a new Desktop OS master image and attempts to create a Machine Catalog based on that master image. However, the administrator is unable to locate the master image in Citrix Studio.A possible cause of the issue is that the master image _________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) A.    is NOT stored in the configured resource connection for the SiteB.    does NOT have the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) installedC.    does NOT have the Target Device software installedD.    contains an unsupported OS version Answer: B QUESTION 222Which three operating systems support Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) software? (Choose three.) A.    Microsoft Windows Server OSB.    Mac OS XC.    Google Chrome OSD.    Microsoft Windows Desktop OSE.    Linux Answer: ADEExplanation: QUESTION 223Which two pieces of information are stored in the identity disk? (Choose two.) A.    HostnameB.    Active Directory machine accountC.    Local user accountsD.    IP addressE.    MAC address Answer: AB QUESTION 224Which two methods can a Citrix Administrator use to configure the Delivery Controller location for Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) registration? (Choose two.) A.    Modify the settings of the Machine Catalog.B.    Specify during the VDA installation.C.    Modify the registry of the Delivery Controller.D.    Create a Group Policy Object (GPO). Answer: BCExplanation: QUESTION 225Which Citrix component will a Citrix Administrator install on every machine that delivers published applications? A.    Provisioning ServicesB.    Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)C.    StoreFront serverD.    Citrix Studio Answer: D QUESTION 226Scenario:A Citrix Administrator has updated all of the machines within a delivery group. After the update, one application stops working. The administrator was directed by an IT manager to revert all machines to the previous image. How can the administrator revert all machines to the previous image? A.    Delete the snapshot associated with the template virtual machine.B.    Delete the difference disk of the virtual machines with the delivery group.C.    Select Rollback machine update for the delivery group.D.    Select Rollback machine update for the Machine Catalog. Answer: D QUESTION 227A Citrix Administrator discovered and fixed an issue with the StoreFront servers that had to do with lack of storage. What can the administrator do to prevent this issue happening again? A.    Change the Recovery settings on the StoreFront service.B.    Enable disk space monitoring on the StoreFront server.C.    Configure additional Dependencies settings on the StoreFront service.D.    Change the StoreFront Privileged Administration service. Answer: B QUESTION 228Which statement is true regarding a Citrix hotfix in general release? A.    It must only be installed if the customer experiences the same issue that the hotfix mitigates.B.    All customers have access to it.C.    It must be tested by the customer in a test environment before being installed in production.D.    Only partners have access to it. Answer: B QUESTION 229Scenario:A Citrix Administrator is upgrading a server from XenApp 6.5 to XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR. During the installation, the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) failed to install. Upon investigation, the administrator determines that Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is using the same port as the Citrix XML Service. What is the cause of the failure? A.    The XenApp server still has a localhost cache.B.    The License Server has NOT been upgraded.C.    Microsoft RDS logons were set to disabled.D.    The previous installation was a Controller. 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